At least three winners for the jackpot of the lottery in the US

According to the lottery, there was one chance in 292 million to find the right combination … At least three people will share the record $ 1.6 billion of the US Powerball lottery, organizers said Thursday. Indeed, three tickets displaying the six correct numbers have been validated in California, Florida and Tennessee. The identity of the players was not disclosed. It will take several hours to make sure there are no alternate winner in Washington DC and in 44 states and two US territories where Powerball is played.

The state also wins

The government will also share the jackpot, by taking a federal tax on income 39.6% on sums won by the winners, which will be added the fees that some States may decide to impose. Thousands of people had lined up outside stores in the US in recent hours to buy a ticket and try to win the jackpot.

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