JPMorgan Chase announced earnings for 24,440 million dollars in 2015

JPMorgan Chase, leading US bank, on Thursday announced big profits in 2015 thanks to their economies and loans to individuals encouraged by the strength of US consumption.
The annual net profit rose to 24,440 million, up 12.4% over one year, while the profit for the fourth quarter was 5,430 million 10.2%, according to a statement released Thursday. Adjusted per share, the annual profit was $ 6 and $ 1.32 in the last quarter. Analysts expected 5.91 and 1.25 dollars respectively.
The bank’s results in the last quarter of 2015 excited the financial markets. They consider a very positive fact about the recent US activity at a time when the growing economies of China and South America slows.
Jamie Dimon, chairman of JP Morgan, also signaled confidence in the financial community. “We do not anticipate a recession and the US economy has a fairly good health,” he said Thursday.
So far, no American households cut spending. Bank profits in retail stores rose 10% thanks to loans for car purchases, consumer loans and loans to small and medium enterprises.
JPMorgan also said it is covered for possible financial damage unleashed by the collapse in oil prices. Its subsidiary in New York booked $ 159 million to cover any payment separations companies in the energy and mining sector.
“We have a weak exposure in the oil sector,” he told reporters Marianne Lake, financial director of the bank. Lake noted, however, that the bank could book up to 750 million dollars to aid companies in trouble by falling oil prices.

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