The UMP calls for vigilance against a market situation “risky”

On the occasion of the presentation of his vows Wednesday, the chairman of the Financial Markets Authority, Gerard Rameix, expressed Wednesday his concerns for 2016. “We keep nice assets and powerful players but we will remain vigilant face formidable competitors and a market situation somewhat risky, “he has argued.

Multiple risks

He notably mentioned “very worrisome geopolitical situation”, and the risk of liquidity drying up … “Liquidity remains satisfactory enough today she would resist political or financial impact, notably on interest rate markets ? “, wondered the President of the AMF. It is also concerned about “the high volatility in equity markets and its negative effects on individuals of exposure to equity risk.”

Risks related to the “shadow banking system”

The AMF points to the risks related to the development of “shadow banking”, consisting of financial intermediaries – such as investment funds, for example – that do not belong to the traditional banking system. Reuters reminds that the regulation of banks was tightened following the financial crisis of 2008. Meanwhile, the “shadow banking system” has developed without being subject to regulatory controls.

According to a report from the European Central Bank, published last October and cited by the news agency, the “shadow banking” held 23.000 billion in financial assets related to the financing of the economy of the euro area end of 2014 38% of the total, against 33% in 2009.

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